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Nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about with guitars!  (Site Under Construction!)

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Guitar Buying


Guitar Refurbing


Guitar Selling

Guitar Sales & Service

How to start and grow your own guitar business – buying/selling/refurbishing/repairs/setups

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Buy & Sell Guitars

Secrets to buying low and selling fair, but high.  Negotiating tactics.  Marketing plans.  Adding value – you’ll learn all these and more!


Setups & Repairs

How-to’s, tips, tools you’ll need, sources, shop organization, pricing and getting more service work – it’s all covered here!


Magic in the Background!

Guitar business success depends on more than selling and working on guitars.  There’s inventory, bookkeeping, parts procurement and organization, website management, SEO, marketing, etc., etc.

Your Own Guitar Business!

Start and grow your guitar business.  We’ll show you how others are doing it.  Read & share experiences with other guitar flippers & techs.

Guitar Business Course

Great Info!

home based guitar business

From Home

Or Retail

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About GF

Guitar Flipper is here to help you start and grow your guitar business mostly for work-at-home situations, but much info applies to brick-and-mortar also.

We’ll be constantly adding new tips, ideas, articles and actual experiences of other guitar flippers and guitar techs.

We’ll discuss sources for guitar repair tools and parts, strategies for buying guitars at lower prices and for selling more guitars at more profitable, yet fair prices for your customers.

We’ll cover every single aspect of guitar flipping, guitar service & repairs and help you have more success while having more fun!


How to Pack & Ship Guitars

How to Pack & Ship Guitars

I'll cover how to save money on boxes and where to get your boxes and packing materials AND how to save nearly half on shipping costs, in my next article. But first, let's pack this guitar to get a feel for how this all works.. I'm using boxes that have open ends, as...


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