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guitar flipper experience

I first started working on guitars for a few country bands back in the early seventies, then gave it a rest for four decades or so.  I’ve been buying, refurbing, reselling used guitars and offering repair, upgrade and setup services full-time for several years now.

In my early years, I was top salesman for American National Insurance in the Los Angeles district; I worked my way up in the consumer finance business from collector to supervisor of the state of Louisiana and declined a V.P. position there.

I founded the first computer store in the Dallas / Fort Worth area that sold new and used computers in the very early 80’s and was successful in that business for a decade until I went into software and web security.

It had been many years since I’d picked up a guitar, and although I’d done some repair and setup work for a few bands decades ago, I didn’t realize just how much more I’d have to learn to become a professional.

My Social Security wasn’t really enough to live comfortably on.  My age was keeping me from finding employment that would pay anywhere near what I was used to earning, and the gig-type jobs available offered long hours and short wages.

Now, I’m not rich, but I can afford to buy some nice guitars; I have all the cool guitar tools and 3d printers, lasers, etc. I  want.  I don’t fret when expensive household repairs strike, (cuss maybe, but not “fret”) and I drive a new car.

What changed?  I built a nice little guitar business working from home.  I have all the repair and setup work I want (and more!).  In fact, I removed the “Services” menu from my website months ago because I couldn’t keep up with the demand.  And still, enough people find me through referrals and social media reviews to keep me busier than I really want to be with guitar setups, upgrades and repairs.

I made many mistakes along the way and I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know I needed to learn.  I can help you avoid those mistakes and help you learn and grow your guitar business in a fraction of the time it took me.

his website is just beginning to get built.  It will take months to complete it.  This information, tips, resources, etc. will be public and free, though we are thinking of having a (paid) monthly or bi-monthly publication that goes more into depth and I’m working on a book as well.

We may also have benefits such as a free web presence on a website that will attract customers for you, wherever you are, vendor resources, discounts and personal assistance with your business.

Whether you are interested in those extras or not, I promise to try to make this website well worth your time, to keep it free and I thank you for following.

Please be patient.  I don’t want to rush the site just to get it started.  I want it to be a valuable resource for you, so most of it will remain hidden from view until I’m ready to release it.

We’re hoping to go live with this website by June or July 2021 or so.

I run my own guitar business – GuitarsDoneRight.com and that takes up most of my time – doing setups, repairs, upgrades and buying and selling guitars.

 Thanks again!  And please stay tuned.

Hank Castello

Hank Castello

Guitar Tech/Flipper/Janitor

(Hank is a nickname.  AKA Bill Castello.)

Grow Your Guitar Business

Our Story

Our goal is to help you start, run and grow your successful guitar sales &/or service business – whether from home or from a brick and mortar store.

We’ll travel around the country and interview other guitar techs who did just what you’re thinking of doing (or are currently doing).  We’ll ask about their problems, secrets to success and how they tackle problems.

We’ll help you with your website and show you how to track your sales and inventory simply, quickly and free!

We’ll cover policies, marketing, sales tactics, buying tactics and everything you’ll encounter starting and running your own guitar business.


What We Cover

Starting Your Business

Branding, your business name, minimal tools, planning your shop, vendors, website, everything about starting your guitar business.

Buying & Selling Guitars

Negotiating guitar purchases and sales; planning what you should buy;  how to increase value of guitars you’ve purchased; marketing and selling your guitars.

Guitar Services

What guitar services should you offer?  Which guitar services are most profitable?  What are the minimal tools & equipment you need to begin?  What should your policies be?


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