Hi!  Glad you’re here!  I’d love to hear from you.  We welcome future and current guitar techs’ questions and contributions from those who’d like to help. 




Questions about starting/running a guitar biz?

You’re welcome to ask me directly or, better yet, ask on our Guitar Tech Forums where you can get responses from multiple guitar techs.

Got questions about guitar service/repair how-to’s?

Again, you can ask in our guitar tech forums where you may get a variety of responses or you can remain anonymous and ask me directly.  Either way, we’ll do our best to help.

Questions about guitar business administration & marketing?

How to have an almost-free, beautiful website (like this one!) to promote your business & how to have your accounting, inventory, billing, etc. automated (again free) – will be answered here shortly, but I welcome questions in the meantime.

Want to write for Guitar Flipper?

Get more visibility and a link to your website, if we choose to publish your article.  Please notice our article style – we like lots of good photos and easy to understand content.

Feature YOUR guitar biz here?

We’re working on setting up sections by region, state & city where guitar techs and guitar tutors can have their own page on GuitarsDoneRight that will be optimized (SEO) to bring you business from guitar players in your area.

Want to build your name recognition & reputation?

By posting helpful, knowledgeable responses to help people on our forums, you’ll be building both your reputation and name recognition and joining (what will soon be) a community of guitar techs.


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