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      it’s tough, starting a website & discussion forum from scratch, but “ya gotta start somewhere!” LOL!

      I wanted to create a space to support guitar techs and guitar tech wannabe’s – whether working from home or brick & mortar.   If you share my desire to help and support guitar techies, or if you’re considering becoming a guitar tech, I hope you’ll register and contribute and help us build this guitar tech support website.

      Post questions, opinions, criticisms of articles I’ve written – whatever you feel will contribute to the guitar tech community.

      When the traffic builds a bit, we’ll split this into sub-forums.  I’m sure you’ll have suggestions but to get things started, I was thinking of something like..

      • Setups
      • Electronics
      • Fretwork
      • Nut jobs
      • Misc repair
      • Upgrades
      • Misc parts
      • Vendors
      • Administration & Marketing

      Thanks for reading!  I hope you’ll register and contribute, but at least “stay tuned” and check back soon.  Thanks!

      – Hank Castello

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