Your Guitar Business Website

How to build your guitar shop website
How to make your guitar shop website decisions

My Website & Marketing Experience

This is an important topic for you. The right website will sell guitars online, help sell guitars and service locally and most importantly – give you credibility and a chance to sell people on doing business with you before they even call or drop by! So, let me share my credentials..

There is much more to your small business guitar sales/service website than just building it. It needs to properly represent your business, your branding and give customers the “warm fuzzies” while motivating them to do business with you.

I built several successful computer sales & service retail stores throughout the state of Texas from the very early eighties and into the early nineties utilizing the marketing courses I’d taken as a college student and the books I’d devoured since then as well as my sales experience from being #1 sales agent in Los Angeles for American National Insurance Co. in the seventies.

Since the very early eighties, I was a software developer. I wrote BBS software before there was an Internet and switched to writing website code from scratch before veering into website/server security, search engine optimization and other web-related issues for three decades.

There’s a lot you need to know and I may need a month or so to complete this section and I’ll be adding plenty of graphics.

I’ll be working on it every couple days and I’ll remove this block when I’ve finished. Meanwhile, this page is “Under Construction”!

– Hank

Website Decisions You Must Make

In my opinion, there is only one good choice for your guitar business website platform – WordPress, not Wix, not, not Square, etc. And you want to self-host your website, not build it on But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s first examine the decisions you’ll need to make..

  • Domain name
  • Domain registrar
  • Website platform
  • Online store platform
  • Design template
  • Website hosting company
  • Managed Hosting or no?
  • HTTPS service
  • Professional help to build?

Whew! That’s a lot of decisions! But don’t worry, I’ll walk you through them. You’re also welcome to post questions via the comments or on our forums. (They’re a bit empty right now but we gotta start somewhere, eh?)