Too good to be true? A good, Japanese nut file set for only twenty bucks??? Even with the eight dollar shipping, it’s a heckuva deal!

This screenshot shows what I got when I clicked a link from an Ali-Express email. The image clearly shows a set of six nut files and lists sizes for each. What a great set! It can be used for nines, tens and even elevens.

I was excited about ordering and doing a review and finally opening the door for guitar tech hobbyists to be able to own a “real” nut file set.

But a little voice in my head was screaming – “Yeah, Stewmac has high prices, but they aren’t ripping people off – no way they’re making a hundred bucks profit on each nut file set!”

So I started looking closer. All those thumbnail image boxes on the right, and one seemed selected, but it wasn’t the one that said “6PCS”. Every thumbnail showed just one file and the “6PCS” showed no image at all.

I clicked the default selected thumbnail and this is what I got…

Surprise! Not 6 pieces, but just one lonely D-string file!

…and what happens if you click on “6PCS”? Are you ready for this?

Almost $140 with shipping – and you get to wait until spring for delivery!

Experts say that our brains are programmed to more readily believe things that we want to be true. I hope none of our readers fell for this.

You CAN occasionally get good deals from Alibabba and AlliExpress, but you can get ripped off too. Be very, very careful when shopping on these sites.

If you’ve been ripped off on a guitar-related product, let us know in the comments below.