When it comes to receiving unsolicited phone calls, I imagine there are two types of people – those who are busy and understand that unsolicited phone calls rob them of their valuable time and by extension virtually steal money out of their wallets.

The second type is a lonely person with nothing to do, who just sits around hoping someone will eventually call them and chat awhile.

I needed to buy some Grover tuner keys yesterday. Lots of choices – Stewmac, Amazon, Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Reverb, AliExpress and .. Sweetwater.

Now, in the back of my mind, I knew there was some reason I didn’t want to buy from SW but I clicked the Buy button before I recalled that reason.

This morning, in the middle of soldering a cool wiring configuration for a Fender Mustang, my phone rang. I rushed to finish soldering a ground to a pot, hurriedly jammed the iron back into its station, almost spilling my coffee and fumbled for my cell phone.

it was Josh from Sweetwater! “Hi! Just calling to confirm your order yesterday..”

I replied with, “By golly, I’d have thought that the transfer of funds from my account to Sweetwater’s would have been confirmation enough!”

After schooling Josh about how he was interrupting my work without adding one iota of value for my loss of time, he said he’d make a “note in the file” not to call me.

I told him he could file it with the other two “notes in the file” that he’d claimed to have made in earlier calls.

Now, I understand this isn’t Josh’s fault. He was hired to do a job and he’s just doing that job. But Sweetwater… what are you thinking? Have you heard of email? Email wouldn’t annoy me at all. This is where I expect to find marketing messages and might even take you up on a “special offer” or two.

Even a short text message would be much less annoying. And it isn’t just me. Forums are filled with complaints about Sweetwater harassment calls!

At any rate, unless you’re generally sitting around hoping someone will call to chat, you may want to put Sweetwater at the bottom of your vendor list.